The Science of the Kyminasi Crop Booster

All matter, including plants, has a unique vibrational frequency. Kyminasi Plant Booster (KPB) harnesses the power of these frequencies. Based on advanced scientific theories, KPB aligns the natural frequencies of plants, optimizing their health. Just as a tuning fork tunes a musical instrument, KPB fine-tunes your crops to thrive even in challenging conditions.

So, what does this mean for you?

  1. Efficient Water Usage: KPB works with a wide range of flow rates, from a minimal 0.26 gpm up to a robust 2,600 gpm, catering to both small and large-scale farming operations.

  2. Safety First: Comprehensive tests confirm no phytotoxic effects, ensuring the KPB-treated water is safe for crops.

  3. Nutrient Boost: Expect enhanced absorption of crucial nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, and magnesium, while maintaining levels of other essential nutrients.

  4. Robust Crop Growth: Experience faster growth rates, increased yields, and plants that are more resilient to diseases and pests.

  5. Quality Produce: Your farm's produce will not only last longer post-harvest but will also boast improved flavor, as evidenced by higher Brix ratings.

  6. Improved Soil Health: Boost your soil's fertility with a notable increase in Cation-Exchange Capacity, enhancing nutrient retention and promoting sustainable farming.

  7. Chemical Savings: Early indications suggest potential reductions in chemical use, ensuring healthier crops while also cutting costs.

  8. Drought Resilience: KPB's potential to augment water absorption in plants offers a lifeline for farms in drought-prone areas, maximizing yield during challenging conditions.

The science of the CareFree Water Conditioner

The Care-Free Water Conditioner offers a natural water treatment process that neutralizes undesirable substances in your water. This in-line system combines a specialized catalytic chamber's turbulence with an electrical field around the chamber. This duo separates mineral particles, altering their behavior. Cohesive particles now repel each other, allowing for smoother water flow. Corrosive gases, produced during the process, are harmlessly released as bubbles upon water exit. In essence, the Care-Free Conditioner breaks the bond between water's mineral particles.

So, what does this mean for you?

  1. Consistent Water Quality: Delivers consistent water improvement for households, farms, and industries.

  2. Natural Treatment: Uses a catalytic chamber and electrical field for a chemical-free, natural water conditioning.

  3. Combat Scaling: Transforms calcium carbonate from hard calcite deposits to the more manageable aragonite form.

  4. Soil Salinity Solution: Assists in agriculture by efficiently reducing particle size of colloids, ensuring salts pass through the soil, promoting healthier crops.

  5. Appliance Efficiency: Minimizes scaling in evaporative coolers and other water-intensive devices, ensuring peak performance.

  6. Swimming Pool Clarity: Offers clearer, well-conditioned water for a better swimming experience.

  7. Golf Course Preservation: Maintains lush greens by effectively combating salinity issues.

  8. Motorhome Ready: Ensures top-quality water on the move, perfect for motorhome enthusiasts.

  9. Economical & Low Maintenance: Requires no chemicals, cartridges, or salts and demands minimal upkeep.